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Video Course: Karmic Psycho-Numerology

Learn how to interpret the Psychology behind the Numbers in a therapeutic way

Self-knowledge and Personal Growth

A spiritual vision of what happens in your life


Professional Course

No previous knowledge required

Karmic Psycho-Numerology


The best Numerology Course available today

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Learn how to do Numerology Charts, how to interpret them, get to know yourself, and help others.

“What the numbers in my Numerology Chart mean is what I AM, my personality, my talents, my character, my taste, my way of being, thinking, feeling, and also my challenges, Memories and Karmas.”


Learn how to interpret the Psychology and Archetypes inside numbers in a therapeutic way.

The therapeutic application of Karmic Psycho-Numerology takes the person to the center of their Soul. It leads them to becoming aware of their gifts and talents, of what their Soul came to do here (Life Purpose), and the beliefs, energies and karmas that they bring form past lives that are keeping them from it.


Training certified by Gema Ruiz:

“My effort in teaching how to correctly interpret numbers is born from a deep respect towards such a powerful tool for Self-Knowledge and Evolution, and from the responsibility it entails. “

Gema Ruiz has 20 years of experience in Consultations and Trainings in Karmic Psycho-Numerology. She is a Psychotherapist, Transpersonal Coach, Journalism Graduate, Speaker, and Author of many articles on Personal Growth.


Student Testimonials



A great course that helps you get to know your shadow, your life stages, your karma. Very thorough and perfectly explained, and Gema answers all your questions very professionally and kindly. 10 out of 10!
Analía Martínez García

A wonderful tool!! Thank you, Gema!! You have changed my life!! ❤❤❤
Raquel Paris

Karmic Psycho-Numerology has given me important clues in order to evolve in my life and it is proving enormously useful to understand and help my patients better.
Vero García – Terapeuta Holística

The best online course I’ve taken in my life and I’ve done many. Very thorough content and super clear explanations in the videos. I barely had to solve a couple of questions throughout the whole course. Thank you, Gema!!

Thank you, Gema. I want to congratulate you because I think this is an amazing course, very dynamic, thorough and easy to understand!! – Imma desde Andorra



A very deep and serious self-knowledge tool that goes to the center of who you are, what your Soul came to do here (Life Purpose), and to find, therefore, the Meaning of Your Life.




   A deep Self-knowledge and Personal Healing method that reminds you of who you are and the Purpose of your Soul so you can evolve.

  It unveils the Origin of your gifts, your natural talents, wounds, and karmas.

  This is the map of your Soul, mind, thoughts, beliefs, ways of feeling, acting, living.




I am born with an energy around me, some Energetic Bodies impregnated with my previous lives. It is an energetic imprint that leads me to live those experiences that were born with me.



And it will be only by Becoming Aware of it and cleaning it with Silence and Void that I will manage to drain that energy that came with me. I’m interfering in my destiny.



– Those who want to deepen their self-knowledge.

– Those who want to Help Others to understand the Origin of their Karma, Shadow and Ego, and the Purpose of their Life.

– Professional Therapists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Coaches, Human Resources, Trainers. Everyone who works with people.




All the documentation (Complete notes for the entire syllabus, 67-page PDF document, and Study Guide) sent to you via email.

Personal username and password to access the video course (16 theory and practical videos), NO TIME LIMIT.

How to do a Numerology Chart.

Interpretation order of a Karmic Numerology Chart or Study.

Full Interpretation of 8 real cases with their corresponding documentation.




Course Syllabus

First Section:

Introduction to Numerology and the Energy of Basic, Master and Karmic Numbers


  1. Presentation
  2. We are creators of our own reality
  3. Basic Numbers
  4. Master Numbers
  5. Karmic Numbers


  • What is Numerology?
  • What is the purpose of Numerology?
  • Polarity principle: duality and opposites.
  • What is Karma?
  • Causality Principle.
  • Origin of Karma.
  • How does Karma influence your life?
  • The Energy of the Numbers.
  • Basic Numbers from 1 to 9.
  • Master Numbers 11, 22, 33, 44.
  • Karmic Numbers.

Segunda Section:

How a Numerology Chart or Study is done. The Origin Energy of Karma: Shadow and Ego


  1. How a Numerology Chart is done. Example 1
  2. How a Numerology Chart is done. Example 2
  3. How a Numerology Chart is done. Example 3



  • Numeric correspondence.
  • How a Numerology Chart is done?
  • Paternal heritage or Gift.
  • Maternal heritage or Mission.
  • Natal path: pinnacles and challenges.
  • The Number of the Soul.
  • The Number of External Personality.
  • The Number of Destiny.
  • The nine houses: numbers of Conscience and Subconscience.
  • Origin energy of Karma.
  • Origin of Karma. Masculine Energy.
  • Origin of Karma. Feminine Energy.
  • Energy of the Shadow.
  • Energy of the Ego.
  • Healthy/balanced Energy.
  • The Mirror.
  • Diagnosis: masculine energy – guilt.
  • Diagnosis: feminine energy – fear.
  • Universal year.
  • Personal year.

Third section

Interpretation of a Numerology Chart and Healing


  1. Interpretation of a Masculine Energy Study. Example 1 Amancio
  2. Interpretation of a Masculine Energy Study. Example 2 Millán
  3. Interpretation of a Masculine Energy Study. Example 3 Sara
  4. Interpretation of a Masculine Energy Study. Example 4 Steve
  5. Interpretation of a Feminine Energy Study. Example 1 Angelina
  6. Interpretation of a Feminine Energy Study. Example 2 Esther
  7. Interpretation of a Feminine Energy Study. Example 3 Miguel
  8. Interpretation of a Feminine Energy Study. Example 4 Rosario

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