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About Gema Ruiz

Psychotherapist – Psychonumerologist. Transpersonal and Vocational Coach. Journalist 

With more than 15 years of experience doing numerology consultations, Gema Ruiz offers this innovative trainning course merging Self-Knowledge, Personal Development, Evolution and Healing. The course goes directly to the center of what your Soul has decided to work on during this incarnation.


Since Numerology “found” me, I have been passionate about interpreting the meaning of the numbers in my Numerology Chart that express WHO I AM. It is my personality, my talents, my character, my taste, my way of being, thinking, feeling, and also my challenges, memories and larmas from past lives.”


Byusing this Numerology that integrates the innate Shadow and Ego and a Trans-personal Psychotherapy based in Jungian principles, this knowledge becomes essential to those who want to go deeper into a new way of looking at themselves and others.

Gema Ruiz is trained in Trans-personal Coaching, Jungian Therapy, Psycho-Somatherapy, Gestal, Symptom Symbology, Gestalt Sensitive Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Silva Method for Mind Control, Relaxation, and Healing Visualization.

She guides and accompanies people who want to go deeper into the origin of their emotional discomfort, to discover the roots of what is happening in their lives and take full responsibility of their actions. This is the only way to bring back motivation, personal satisfaction, wellbeing, energy, and creativity. It is a deep way to REDESIGN THEIR LIVES, overcoming subconscious fears and feelings of guilt that are preventing them from living a life with purpose and meaning.

This work helps people to connect with their cyclical thoughts and tangled emotions, with their non manifested desires and their deeper true being. As a consequence, they reach a level of satisfaction, always available under all these blockages.